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    message board help!
    So here's the deal.

    I'm running a website for my sister's high school marching band... and the parents are being adamant about having a message board on the site.

    I mean... I can design a website and throw it into Fetch and ta da... but I don't know anything about html.

    So I used Simple Machine Forums and I got it on my page and all that... but I don't know how to do anything to it. I seriously think my myspace savvy 14 year old sister would be better at this than I am. I really am not down for learning html for this.

    So... I want another option. Is there something free (because I'm volunteering my time for them) or else a program or something I can buy inexpensively... that I can use that doesn't require coding? Does such a thing exist?

    help me! I'm afraid of band boosters!

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    Look into or Homepage :: Zikula Application Framework :: Fast easy and free - Do you dig it? or PHP-Nuke all of these are based on modules that can be added very easily, bulletin boards, news, photo galleries, etc. Easy to install, easy to administer, easy to update.
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    If you want a forum, and you don't want to spend time configuring and installing...and there is no one else you can call, maybe you should look at....

    PHPBBWEB.COM - Free phpbb forum hosting

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    Thank you both
    I'll check all of this out... after midterms week has blown over... and see what works best for me!

    thanks again!

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