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    Hello there! i am new to this forum and also new to iweb! i am in the process of designing a simple website and launching it soon. i see myself as pretty computer saavy, just one issue:

    is there a way we can customize our website address? i do not want it to have the on it but would just like my web addy to be Can we make this happen and how?

    Thanks for reading!

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    Most domain registrars will allow you to specify a "landing page" for your domain, so if you tell your domain to point to "", people can enter "" and they'll see your page.

    Apple also offer a way to do this in your mobileme preferences if I'm not mistaken...

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    There are a couple different ways you could go about doing this. One is buy the domain name you want then turn on forwarding. The other way is change the cname, for directions look here, iWeb FAQ - Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

    This is all assuming you are using .me. Otherwise you have to publish to a folder then upload your site.

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