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    Problem with link in iWeb
    I am in charge of our school's website, and have created the site in iWeb and have published it successfuly without too many problems. I added a new page that includes 5 links to other one iWeb pages within the site. For some reason, one of the links simply won't work. I have edited the page and re-published it 4 times now without any success. I've deleted the link text, re-typed it and created the link again, I've even deleted the page in question and recreated it. Nothing seems to work. I know that all of my other changes are being published because they show up on the live site when I test it, but I can't seem to make this one particular link work. Any ideas? Does iWeb have a limit to the number of pages you can make for one site? I don't know enough about html to figure out my error that way, either.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Does the page you are linking to have a weird name such as 'Black & White!'. I don't remember the detail, but along time ago I hit an issue like this where removing odd ball characters fixed the problem. I think I might have even posted the full details here many many moons ago.
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    Is it public facing?
    If so please provide a link to the page in question so I can have a look. If not, please provide the code that makes up the page and I'll have a look at that.

    When posting problems like this, please include more info.
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    I had this same problem with one particular link as well. I was getting steamed that no matter how many times I deleted/retyped it, it wouldn't -take-. I finally took the troublesome page and opened it in dreamweaver and looked at the code and changed it myself. For some reason it just would not work through iWeb. After I made the quick change and saved it, it worked ever since. So I don't know what iWeb's got going on.

    I'm having trouble with RSS feeds right now.

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