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Thread: Inserting Images from Local hard drive into html in PHP Site

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    Inserting Images from Local hard drive into html in PHP Site

    New to this site and also new to website building. Was hoping someone could tell me how to insert an image from my local drive on a php based site using html with my mac. I've used the html tag, I've used terminal to verify the image location, I've asked other mac users, I've tried dragging and dropping my image after typing the html tag, etc..... I'm totally at a loss and couldn't find any information by searching the forums. Please help!!! :-)

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    If what you want is to create a link on a remote page that links back to an image at a random location on your computer, then no, you can't do that.

    The best you could do is to set up the web server on your computer and place the files in the path seen by the internal web server. Then on the external web server link to your box with an appropriate URL. You'll need a full time IP or dynamic IP service.
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