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    Rapidweaver Question
    I am use to creating web pages is photoshop and importing them into dreamweaver. Is this possible to do with rapidweaver? I do not want to have to use a theme. I always attempt it and it seems like it is going to work but once I view it in Firefox it is never centered and always shifted off to the side with half of the picture cut out. Also is it possible to create a link by selecting certain parts of an image (rectangular hotspot tool in Dreamweaver?)

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    A better place to ask this question

    I am a fairly active Rapidweaver user but I cannot answer your question specficallly never having attempted to import site content from Dreamweaver. I can suggest you ask this question on the Rapidweaver community forums and you can download the demo of Rapidweaver for free to play with if that would help.

    Good luck! Amy

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