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    ghost writing
    Hiya all,
    I just started a website, it is mainly photos ( 350+) but want it on seach engines so have placed words on the photopages, white text on a white back ground. Good or bad idea?. Read a little about meta text but not sure of its value?

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    You should probably just use the meta tag with keywords for example: <meta name="keywords" content="pictures, france, etc..."> instead of placing white text on a white background. Even though search engines do check for actual content on the pages, you are more likely to get a hit from your meta data. Plus white text on the white background take up space for your design and could make it hard to make things line up or look the way you want.

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    I think doing that white text on the white background method is illigal. I could've sworn that I read an article on that somewhere. You're better off using Meta Tags for keywords, site description and stuff like that. And also, make sure you use "Alt" tags for all of your images. Name them stuff, or descriptions.

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