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    What program for my store's website?
    Hi all, sorry for the stupid question but Im a newbie to all of this. I own a trophy store and a little over a year ago I sat down and created my own website with Frontpage/Dreamweaver.

    I know nothing about code or really any web stuff. I just tried to make a "catalog" for my existing customers. I basically just did a drag and drop. I copied the source code from some website and basically just changed it to work for me..

    Well, that was a long time ago and I need to do some major updating. I now do alot less "trophies" and more other things. Not to mention, my site doesnt really draw any customers from the internet.... I want to change this and use my Mac if possible...

    can someone please reccomend a very simple web design program for me to use on the Mac? I have very briefly played with iWeb and like the templates, etc I can copy and use... but doesnt seem to work for store sites...

    thanks ahead of time

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    There is an open source management software, called JOOMLA where you can set up your own shopping cart system and catalog, in my Blog i wrote a review about joomla so u can read it =). If you wanna see a live demo, just go my Its my website I made entirely running off of joomla and my very own database server.

    If you decide to go with joomla, here is a free shopping cart system, though i havent tested it yet

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