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    Need Help Text on my site keeps "Jumping"

    I made a website for a friend using iweb and am generally happy with it, but I have one problem I cannot solve.
    At the top of each page in large white font is the title Mermaid Films. The problem is that just before the page finishes loading, the words seem to move up a little way. I cannot work out what is causing this and would appreciate any suggestions.

    To see what I mean go to

    You have to watch the words until the page finishes loading, as it happens just at the end.

    Thanks for any help in advance,

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    might be loading some type of spacer or something below it.

    im not too sure though.

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    Yeah somebody else I know mentioned that idea but I just can't find it. I'll have another look. Thanks though.

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    all the iweb sites i have seen seem to take forever to load. I would recommend learning CSS its not too too difficult.

    you can actually start teaching yourself from various websites and just playing with editing codes on pre-existing websites.

    hope this helps you.

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    Site is very difficult to read using view source. I suggest using something else which formats the source in a readable form so it's easier to debug.

    That being said: I did see something about "spacer" and "bump" and you might want to check your div margins.
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