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m_leather 08-22-2008 06:19 AM

Stack Layout?
I'm fairly new to Javascript. I've spend a good few hour studying Javascript, reading the Dascode manual, and peering over the sample code provided with Dashcode and simply cannot work out how to initiate a change of view in a stackLayout.

I basically want a button that will change from one view to another when clicked.

I've inserted a 'stacklayout' in the 'content' area and a button.

I've tried:

Onclick: document.getElementById("view1")

But that is clearly wrong.

What is the correct way?

Thanks in advance,


MWSO 11-06-2008 07:21 PM

Well Here Your Problem!
i'm new too but i know this will change views in stack layout!

var currView = document.getElementById("elementID");

i am now trying to get it to do transitions so don't ask me about that:D
if you find out tell me!

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