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Thread: Open Source E-Commerce Website Builder Installation

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    Question Open Source E-Commerce Website Builder Installation
    I am trying to launch an e-commerce website and have tried numerous different sites including, among others, osCommerce and C.R.E. Loaded. On downloading each one I am invariably faced with masses of php and css files that open as plain text documents, and after trawling through it all to find the installer, find it links to a webpage filled with infinitely complex and confusing instructions. I'm sure there's something obvious that I am missing but can anybody tell me what it is?

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    It doesn't sound like you are missing anything.. you just need to follow the instructions.. that's how you usually install web applications...

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    To be honesy I have to say I didn't understand which software did you choose to use. If you need shopping cart Zen is fine. There are some paid solution in "under $20/month" range that also work fine.

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