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    Choosing A WebHost - My Experience
    This is a thread I posted at but thought it would be beneficial to post here as well. Sorry if I am not supposed to do that.

    The following is a jumble of information that I have pulled together throughout my research of trying to find a good web host. I decided to go with sharkspace, and my experience has been so good I felt the need to let other people know. I had narrowed it down to hawkhost and sharkspace and found alot more reviews and people mentioning sharkspace than hawkhost. I felt more comfortable choosing sharkspace.

    Furthur input is certainly welcome, I am no expert. Im hoping this post can help people, so the more input people have the better.

    My experience with shared hosting “great white” account has been great so far. I think these guys do a good job of not overloading their servers and my website loads fast. Customer support is a strength of theirs. You can check my website out at

    It took less than an hour to have everything active, and that was because I had an issue with my credit card. Other than that, I’m sure the time could’ve been less.

    Support tickets - Looking through my support tickets, the max time until I got a response was 16 minutes. Minimum time was 5 minutes! That is fast. Mind you I was doing this at midnight eastern time. The 24/7/365 was very convenient for me.

    I highly recommend them. I have used bluehost and servage in the past, and neither of those can compare.

    Now, enough of what I think, here is what other people think.....

    (sorry that they are not links, I am a new member and have not had 5 posts yet so I was unable to make them links)

    Here are some good threads that other people have written as well. I highly recommend looking through all of them, especially if your looking for a web host. post5250225 post4695294
    (scroll to bottom for helpful tip from tatanka)
    (scroll down to wild boar towards the bottom)
    (at the top)

    The fact that someone bothers to write something good about a host has to be something after all...

    {Random tidbit from my experience of looking in these forums for a host}.....

    All of the mumbo jumbo about overselling is annoying because if they do not overload their servers, overselling does not necessarily affect quality of service. Customer support and reliability should be of more concern for people looking for a web host. Most importantly, a web host’s rap sheet, and the reviews you find on websites like mean a lot more than anything else.

    Thanks for reading!


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    You have written a great review, except the final words about overselling. The "mumbo jumbo about overselling" isn't annoying at all, because those who complain about it were hit by oversellers.

    I wouldn't blame consumers / site owners and to say they are irresponsible, because they are not obliged to know everything about web hosting. But I would definitely blame cheating web hosts who claim to offer more disc space on a shared hosting account that anyone can use on a low-end blade configuration.

    Overselling is a form of corruption in web hosting and it must not be tolerated, which means there are no such thing as "good overselling web hosts".

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