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Thread: which hosting site is better in my list?

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    which hosting site is better in my list?
    which is better?

    or is there something better?

    i will be hosting a portfolio website so i need a lot of diskspace for photos, videos, and other files of the sort. i think bandwidth is pretty important as far as video watching goes, and i would like to have fast upload speeds.

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    Can't tell you about any on your list, but...

    Have you tried Lots of folks here use it and I've seen it recommended by others as well. I've used it for a couple of years with success, but I don't use much space...


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    I don't know any of these... But I've reviewed their websites and I'll be honest with you. One of the companies claims they offer "best web hosting"... it is obviously not true. The other one - nixism - looks much better. but I wasn't able to find their physical presence.

    The offerings of the third web host, the one with bird's name looks reasonable. Many people would say for the last one digital... that they sell very expensive, but I'm in this business so I would say that you should try to find what is behind the price... do they offer something special as a service or customer support... That's it!

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    HawkHost isn't bad. I've dealt with them in the past. Although they have their ups and downs, I think they'll do for you.

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