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    Website and Google Searches
    So I submitted my url for a website I made on iWeb to google, yahoo, and live search.

    After a while, it began appearing in google searches.

    Now the only problem is I drastically changed the site and added new information, but it still shows links (such as to pdf's) when you google seach to OLD outdated information and to pages that aren't there. For some reason, the PDFs still pop up.

    How can I remove the PDFs from popping up. A bit mind-boggling because they are even ANY PDFs on my current.

    Also, how long will it take google to "crawl" it again, or whatever it does, so that the content is new.

    I read that if you re-submit your url, it makes no difference.

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    If your URL is not a .Mac site, then your reload of a new iWeb layout does not delete old files. You have to do that manually.

    Google is a weird mystery at times. Good luck getting to reindex your site. If you come up with the solution, please let us know.
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    You just have to wait patiently for the google bot to reindex your site

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    Any FTP client should allow you to connect and see all of your files on the webserver. You can then just remove/delete the files through the FTP client so that they aren't accessible on your website any longer.

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    Did that! Thank you so much!

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    It may also be worth you checking out Mac OS X SEO Software Tools | Web Hosting & HTML Editor
    Some very useful tools here. iWeb SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tool being one of them ;-)

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    You have to remove the PDF files from your web hosting account or to password protect the directory. Another option is to place noindex, nofollow links!
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