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Thread: Sending HTML through Email

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    Question Sending HTML through Email
    I have to send an HTML email, but I'm missing something.

    I have my HTML page encoded, and I put Outlook on HTML mode, but when I send the email, the receiver still only gets a bunch of code, not the nice-looking HTML Layout we've worked so hard on.

    I'm opening the HTML's source code, copy/pasting it in the body of the email.
    Obviously this is wrong. Can someone please tell me how it's supposed to be done?

    And yes I know HTML emails are evil, no I'm not a spammer, and I know I'm facing an army of filters. But if someone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.

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    I think that it depends on the email client which is used. Have you already modulated situation with other email client?

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    Yes I have tried with several email clients but nothing seems to work. I cannot make this html document come across as layed-out, instead, I'm sending a bunch of ugly code.

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    If it's coming through as the HTML instead of a web page then either you aren't sending it an email encoded for HTML or the client can't receive HTML emails or is translating it to text. Those are the only options, so if no email client is seeing it properly, I'd double check your settings on the web and mail server side.

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    If you are using entourage then I can tell you how its done.

    Make your email in a proper HTML editor.

    Download the entourage script send complex html

    Easy to use and works when sending to PC outlook users (I use it for internal company email newsletters as well as promotion emails to journalists

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