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    Random Background Images...
    Does anyone know if the following is possible to setup - if so, how:

    Same homepage but there exists the possibility of getting 1 of 3 possible background images incorporated into a page - therefore if user 1 accesses homepage, they may get background image X, user 2 accessing homepage may get say background image Y, or Z or even X...

    Thx in advance.


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    I did something similar (a foreground image) via a server side include that executed a Perl script on the server. I had to stop that as my current host didn't support server side includes. You can quick figure that out via that link and a quick test page.

    An alternative might be to create a Javascript with a list of images and to randomly pick one. The limit here is that someone may have turned off Javascript execution. In that case you could set it up to show a fixed image.
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    I would go with the Javascript solution, as it's pretty easy to manage:

    That's one example. And as xstep said, they may have javascript turned off, but there's not much you can do about that. For the most part people usually don't, and if they do it's just a pic so no big deal.

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    Thx for the info guys - for me, Javascript is the way to go - ie. easier for me to understand, so will definitely check out the attached link and have a play... Thx again.


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