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    Jul 07, 2008
    Free APP for HTML and CSS

    can anyone advise me for some application for mac to edit HTML and CSS?

    I'm not looking for something like dreamweaver, but more like textedit but with HTML and CSS interpretation.

    I've tryied nvu and amaya for HTML and CSS but i didn't like them very much.

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    Oct 22, 2007
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    Give Coda a try, it gives you visual editing, text coding, FTP and CSS all in one

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Bean is good. Can't remember if it has syntax highlighting or not. Probably not, since it's primarily a word processor.
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    Jul 07, 2008
    I've given a try on Bean app and i think is a good one to use as a text edit. Is very simple. It works whit HTML and CSS as it is a text editor and can save in any format.

    But i'm looking for one that can interpret HTML and CSS and can give different colors and things like that.

    Coda is great. Is it free?? I thought it was not free. At the moment i didn't see anything that say if it is a trial version or not.

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    Coda is not free. It's well worth the investment, particularly with it's Webkit preview view.
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