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    I am building a simple business website with I web. When I publish to a folder to see what it will look like published, my web pages don't fill the computer screen unless I leave the background white without a border color which looks dumb. My question is when I publish it for real, will it have a color on the right and left margins that fill in the screen. I have looked at web sites created in I Web 08 and they fill the screen. Any help would be appreciated.

    thanks, marletta

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    Does that mean you are not going to be using MobileMe to host your site? If you are then you should just publish it and don't give out the address. Then you will know what it will look like for sure. I just made a site using .me as my host. I also own the domain name I wanted and was able to link them together.

    A site that was VERY helpful...

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