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    What to look for?
    When searching for a web host, what features should I be looking for?

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    what programme languages they support, e.g php and mysql are very common and for later on when you start using databases you will need this..

    how much megabyte's they allow youu to use,
    and lastly the price.
    things like special domain + hosting specials can be helpful. but you will see if you search most hosting companies are pretty similar.

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    good tech support is a VERy important one imo. esp for people who not too 'website savvy'

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    look at how much space you would need i.e. 500 mbs, 100 mbs etc.. and how much bandwidth: depending on how many users will be visiting your site and what type of content your site will have. 1GB / month 5 GB / month etc.

    Just a comparison i got
    500 mb space
    5 gb bandwidth / month
    php,asp,etc. 2 mysql
    1 subdomain
    24/7 technical support
    unlimited emails
    unlimited ftps
    all this for 50 $ us a year.

    I also ordered a subdomain *.com for 2 years and cost about 20 $ us.

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