I'm curious as to whether this is possible...

At the moment, my email is all run through my web host server.

The incoming POP server is mail.mywebsite.co.nz and the sending server is just through my ISP, send.xtra.co.nz

I also have a .mac account, which I can set up to check my external account.

What I want to do is make it really easy to have 2 copies of all correspondence, which is easy to access from anywhere. Because I have my mail app delete messages from the server after 48 hours, I don't want to have to keep logging into .mac & checking the account to redownload a backup of what I've already got.

So what I would prefer is to somehow use the .mac address as the primary address for my business, so that all my mail goes through that by default. This means that I can just automatically sync everything between my Mac & the mobileMe thingee, without needing to keep checking the external account.

So - is it possible to somehow redirect my website mail server, so that people still send an email to isaac@mywebsite.co.nz - but actually that message gets routed through to isaac@me.com ?

And then when I reply, it sends via isaac@me.com, but appears in their account as being from isaac@mywebsite.co.nz?

I'm not sure if I even have all this clear in my mind (hence the drawn out explanation) but would this work? Does it sound like a way that I can keep everything synced between my mac & my online account?

I've had a play around on my webhost server, and have found it's easy enough to redirect the mail coming to me - but is there any possible way of rerouting it on the way back, so that when people reply to a message I've sent them, it shows as coming from my website instead of isaac@me.com?

Would love to hear your suggestions & ways to achieve what I have in mind. How would I reroute my email like that?