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    Feedback / Testimonials -- How To ??
    I;m making my website & i wanted to know how i can add a small feedback , actually a small form where a user adds his feedback or rather his testimonial, which once submitted, appears below on the website itself.

    I need a small form with name, email , location & testimonial.

    Any clue ??
    Please help someone..

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    Are you using any kind of server side language such as PHP or ASP?

    You would need something like this and a database to achieve what you want. Are you sure you want testimonials appearing on your website without you qualifying them?
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    or another way would be to just create a form, which emails the testimonial to you. And then you can just paste it in the web page.

    After submisison you could have a message saying "thanks, your post is awaiting moderation" or something.

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