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    iWeb Template Question
    I just got a domain and am looking for a nice user-friendly page building program. I've been playing around with iWeb and am a bit disappointed with it for two reasons:

    1. It always makes me choose a template.

    2. For some reason the top word on the page doesn't want to be deleted.

    Otherwise I feel it's a good page builder. However, I don't want my website to look like all the other ones out there. I want some flexibility, mainly to get rid of that block of text at the top. Is there any way to do this? Am I missing something very obvious? (Control-clicking displays no active "delete" function on the menu that pops up).

    If there is no way, what alternatives exist out there? Any good open source page builders, perhaps?

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    You might want to give rapidwaever a try

    Like iWEB it is simple but you can create your own templates, and their tutorial on template building is also a great introduction to hand coding CSS layouts, so that you can get a grounding in web design and maybe move on to more powerful programs like Dreamwaever when you feel more confident

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    It looks pretty nice but I'm not sure I want to spend the money right now after buying the domain and web hosting service. Anything open source out there?

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