I'm sort of a novice at web design. i'm using dreamweaver 8 on my mac right now, and have a basic structure set up for my page. about 10 years ago i learned to write basic html code before ever using a program like dreamweaver, so i do have some idea of the code behind the page.

anyway, i'm looking to add a slideshow to my page. is there a slideshow option in dreamweaver? if not, can somebody recommend or provide code that i can cut and paste into my page.

my slideshow would be very basic. i need to be able to add text under or to the side of each picture. also i would like to have a row of thumbnails in a frame at the bottom that scrolls horizontally so you can skip through pictures quickly.

i found this link:


i really liked the simplicity of the design and thumbnails, but it is written with VBscript, which i found doesnt work on mac. But this is the type of simple slideshow i want to create. the only problem i noticed was that it seems to take a long for the thumbnails to load.

Also, i would like the user to be able to download all the pictures at once, rather than right click one at a time to save. is this possible?

do i need a program to do this, or is there a basic code i can use?

thanks in advance for any help.