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    iWeb and Dreamweaver
    Can I use Dreamweaver to open a site that was designed in iWeb? If so how do I do it and how to I then resave it in iWeb in order to publish it.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    You should be able to. I've never used iWeb, so I couldn't tell you, but I'm guessing iWeb is working with HTML and CSS files. Just go to File-->Open With---> Dreamweaver.

    The files will be the same. You are just editing it in 1 platform or another. Good luck.
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    Yeah, you should have no problem as long as it was written to an .html file.

    This brings around another one of the many reasons I hate/hated Frontpage, it writes to .htm. Which without modifying your code in a few areas cannot be hosted by Apache, it must be hosted by IIS. And if you know anything about hosting, IIS is not choice A.

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    can we have conformation if this works ecause i'm planning on doing the same thing.

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    You could edit a site made in iWeb in DreamWeaver, but then you would not be able to bring it back into iWeb. You would need to publish your iWeb site to a folder and then you would be able to open it in DreamWeaver. Once you publish a site in iWeb it creates the html, css and other files that other applications (and web servers/web browsers) understand. Until it is published it only exists in a proprietary format that only iWeb understands. There is no way to then get the changes made externally (i.e. through DreamWeaver) back into that proprietary format. So, once you publish the site to a folder and edit it with another application you will have to upload the site using FTP (file transfer protocol) or DAV in that application (Dreamweaver does this). iWeb is intended for only the most basic functions that it comes with, beyond that you will need to stay with the other application from then on.
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