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    Hosting Transfer Tutorial
    Our current Setup:
    Registered domain name with
    Hosting by iPowerweb
    Website created offsite and FTP'd to iPowerweb.

    Our Desired Setup:
    Keep registered domain name with
    Switch hosting to
    Publish iWeb site to .Mac/.Me

    What order do we initiate this transfer of service?
    How to redirect our domain name to the .Mac site?
    How to funnel all of the mail from .Mac, GoDaddy, and Registar into

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    ok....take these steps....

    1) sign up for the hosting plan you want at godaddy.......
    2) transfer the site/databases, and all files to the new host via FTP using the new account info
    3) make sure all is working at new host
    4) move DNS at registrar for your domain from iPowerweb to godaddy's DNS servers
    5) wait for DNS propagation to occur (can take up to 72 Hours.... usually faster)
    6) cancel old hosting account

    personally i would use IMAP in the MAIL.APP for all accounts.

    Hope this helps...

    PS.... Why GoDaddy?

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