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Thread: automating webmail in safari?

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    Question automating webmail in safari?
    I'm running os 10.3.5 on a Powerbook 1,25 gHz. Just wonder if anyone can help me save those all-important 30 seconds a day by telling me how to automate the log-in procedure on my hotmail and netscape-accounts (both webmail). Tried recording it into an applescript using the editor, but not a string of text crossed the screen as I filled in passwords etc. Get yourself a pop-mail and use Mail instead, I hear someone say. Problem is that I travel 200 days a year, so I don't really have that possibility. And it would mean all the hassle of informing my contacts of another email change....


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    in safari preferences, go to autofill, check usernames and passwords, the next time you attempt a login, it will ask you if you want safari to remember it, hit yes, now itll autofill it every time.

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    the fastet way!!!
    go to hotmail or whatever
    and fill in the remember my name
    than bookmark the mail page
    that simple

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