Hello all,

Well i've uploaded my website for anybodies interest!

As the name suggests it is mainly about the mac but there will be a number of projects not directly related such as a whole section on wiring up a computer network and how to reset the toner cartridges on a Samsung CLP500 colour laser!

Anyway I will be uploading lots of new stuff on there soon but I wanted to get the bones there first.

Any suggestions please let me know or post a reply on here.

Basically I had the idea after answering the same questions posted every few weeks on the forums. When I answer a question now I will add it the the list if I feel it would be of interest to others plus as I do each upgrade I will take pictures and add that too.

I am ordering my new macbook pro on friday of next week so there will be a number of projects coming straight after that as I upgrade the pro and add the saved bits to one of my daughters macbooks!

This also means that the release date for a new macbook pro will almost certainly be the 14th July when my 14 day money back guarantee runs out

Thanks all for looking....