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Thread: Installing Apache on Mac OS X

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    Installing Apache on Mac OS X
    I was following this tutorial for installing and configuring Apache on Mac OS X but when I get Localization or "content negotiation" section and browse to I am getting a 403 Forbidden message.

    Can anybody help?

    Can someone help me find more information to help answer this question?


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    I've never tried to install Apache on Mac so I don't know exactly how to go about it. I use xampp, which is an all in one Apache, MySQL, and PHP web server for the Mac. Not too sure if this will get you what you want. But it is an option, and it's free. - Mac Software Listings
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    Quote Originally Posted by purinkle View Post
    I was following this tutorial...
    I am getting a 403 Forbidden message.
    First, why are you installing Apache? I has been available on OS X for some time now.

    Second, the 403 looks like a permission problem. Make sure the file is read-all. The fact you are getting a 403 error means you are hitting a web server.
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    this tutorials amazing got it up and running in 5minutes

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