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    iWeb: How do I get my homepage to be my domain address, without being a subpage?
    My website can be found at

    However as you can see it always redirects to

    How can I make iWeb use the domain name for the homepage instead of making a new subpage, home.html?


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    I downloaded your index.html file and see it is just redirecting to Home.html. Unfortunately your pages 'Home' link also link directly to Home.html.

    The problem is that iWeb names the html files after your titles and that one is titled Home. There doesn't seem to be a way to say that is the main entry page and should be named index.html.

    You could make that page title "index" and it looks to me like it will solve the problem. But the word index would be displayed on all your pages. A bit ugly.

    A cheat would be something you'd need to fix upon every update.
    1) rename index.html to hold.html
    2) rename Home.html to index.html
    3) rename hold.html to Home.html
    4) edit the new Home.html changing the "Home.html" text to "index.html".

    That would make it appear the way you want, but is a hack. You could write a script so it would be quick to do.
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    Have you tried setting framed web page under your URL settings?
    I think its under webforwarding...

    As far as i can make out you dont want the page extensions to be visible?

    both point to same site however the browser shows different name

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