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    Flash Website

    I am fairly new to webdesign and I am very keen to build a Flash website. Has anyone any suggestions which free software to use for that?
    I basically want to start designing a website in the style of this one: I think it is done really nicely and I think they used Flash for that.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    OK, let me add a bit of detail. What I also want to do on my website is connect to a database. I basically want to design a good looking website that has database connectivity. Can anyone recommend a good WYSWYG program?

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    Don't use WYSIWYG programs. They create bad code and if you don't create the code yourself you'll have little chance of understanding whats going on should a problem occur (which they always do).

    You'll need flash, a decent text editor and a database server
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    Hi, you need Macromedia flash Player
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    if you work fast enough, and just need it to learn/work on this one project/use it until you save enough dough to purchase Flash - I'm pretty sure Adobe still offers (an insanely generous) 30 day, fully functional free trial of Flash

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