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    good web hosting for me?
    Ok so long story short, I am making a webpage for my school's german club. And I am using iWeb for it.
    Basically my questions are:
    -Where is the best place for me, cheap would be a plus. I have used 1&1 in the past, but that was like 6 years ago when I was like 12, and my idea totally flopped. And I let it die, (I used 1&1's program for it)
    -What would I need, in terms of storage, (the site will have pictures on it, etc.)
    -I was reading some 1&1 packages and it only gives you 5 additional pages, but if I want to make each picture a blow up when clicked on, I need a lot more than that.
    -Which ones work well with iWeb, or do they all?
    Can any one recommend a good hosting company, and a package, I would prefer under $30 a year. but a little over that would be ok.

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    If it's just for a school club, then Dreamhost should work just fine. It's cheap and offers a lot in storage and bandwidth. I believe M-F has a coupon with them, but you can find coupons that let you save even more money if you do a Google search.

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