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    Good day!
    Does anyone know of a good Forum Host for the Mac? Or does it matter what type of computer you have. I am researching a Forum Host for my website. Getting rather confused on who to select. My website host is IPowerweb, but it seems there are separate hosts for forum pages.

    Thank you!


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    Most hosts should be able to host your forum without any problems at all, it would just be a matter of installing it.

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    Depending on the forum software it may differ but generally to host a forum you need your host to offer some kind of server side language spport (PHP or ASP usually) and a database.

    I tend to use PHPbb which is a fantastic bit of software and very powerful. As long as your host provides the above it does not matter who hosts you. It also does not matter if your using a mac or a pc.
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    Find a host that utilizes Fantastico for really easy forum script installs.

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