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    How Can I Add Several MP3s To One Player In iWeb?
    Hi everyone,

    I'm building a website for my music business with iWeb and I really find it a breeze to use. There's one thing I'm wondering about though. Is it possible to add more than one song to a media player? As it is now I simply drag the songs from the iTunes library to a spot in iWeb and a player is created - can I make it change songs to, i.e. is several songs with one player possible?

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    sure you can
    if you dont want to create your own player try
    it has premade flash mp3 players with customized skins
    you just add urls of mp3s and paste the code it will generate for you in the html snippet area in iweb.

    hope that helps,

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    Thank you for answering. So it's not popssible to have a tracklist in a iWeb player?

    I'll check that flash player out. Thank you!

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