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    Looking to make websites(s) Dreamweaver?
    I need help! I have a macbook pro, have a bunch of domain names purchased, and really have been putting this off way too long due to many different opinions. Some say to try Joomla first or other free sites. However, most in my field (real estate) suggest Dreamweaver since i am looking to develope 20-40+ sites (town portals). Is it worth it for me to buy/learn? I am pretty busy also, and am worried i could be throwing $ down the drain if its too tough and time consuming, and not fun. pls help and give any advice. tu. ps- i have used SBI before, so it made me pretty lazy, lol. I also really want the site to be SEO friendly, is that hard? W/ SBI it told me what to do and really broke it down into "dummy" lingo, I still have those templates, so can i plug in the SBI style (put x in title, write body w/ x # of keywords, and such) into Dreamweaver as im building the site? I have also built my own site w/ yahoo sitebuilder html a few years ago too, and after looking at some youtube tutorials of dreamweaver, it doesnt seem too bad...?

    Also, are there free templates i can use to make dreamweaver even easier/quicker?

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    How technically minded are you?

    XHTML & CSS are not difficult mark-up languages to learn but you have to get a little creative with them to get a site that works in all the major browsers.

    As for SEO, it's more of a marketing thing than anything else. Once you've decided on the keywords you want to be found on it's simply a can of making the right page titles and headings contain those words.

    My biggest suggestion would be, if your willing to put the time into learning web development, don't waste money on WYSIWYG development tools. Learn how to code in a text editor and you will do far better in understanding what you are making. I'm sure people here can suggest a decent text editor as i tend to use Visual Studio.

    Hope this helps.
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    You can learn to code, but if its too much for you, dreamweaver is an excellent tool. You can code in it, and it corrects your mistakes, or you can do full out visual design. I always do a combo, because I like to see what I code.

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    I was going to suggest Microsoft's Visual Web Developer but its a windows thing
    :p but it is just like Dreamweaver but free.

    But like the others said if your going to take the time to learn how to code. Coding in general is very useful to know as it is something that will never die out as long as the internet is around, and Dreamweaver is a helpful tool if you can afford it. It can be used as the WYSIWYG program or you can view it by code, plus it has drop down boxes that hints to what you say (Ex. Border-left). But you don't even need Dreamweaver to develop a site, there are a variety of tutorials out for free (Youtube for visual, w3schools for text).

    You can always find free templates (Any HTML, XHTML, PHP etc) will work in Dreamweaver, but if you use a premade one you lose creativity of what you like(Every web designer has a little bit of them that goes into a site).

    Just google free templates or dreamweaver templates.
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    Thanks, i found Dreamweaver for a decent price. I played around w/ some tutorials and youtubed some help, so i am confident that its the way to go for me, a newbie, but looking for something easy but that i can also do code if i want to! I will let you know how it goes once i get it.

    Another question- does anyone know how i can send a link to a page/search so it doesnt go dead? I wan to link a google ad to my website search, for example: (is what they see) but it takes them to a search inside of my site. Everytime i copy and paste the search from my site, into firefox, it goes back to my default page or invalid link. In other words, the links only are live the one time you do the live search. I want the ad to take poeple right to a search w/in my site.

    Sorry if that is mucho confusion!!

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