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    My Website
    Hey all,

    A buddy had this web domain and server space he wasn't using so I took it over and created my own site. THis is my first attempt at creating a site without any programs like GoLive or Dreamweaver.

    If the site seems a little cluttered, it's because it was a learning thing as I was using CSS & HTML all coded by hand. Although I start with a free template, very little of the original code still exists.

    Please let me know what you think!


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    Not bad - as you said a little cluttered. Nice shots of the barns, etc.

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    For a first attempt thats pretty good. It does look very busy. I usually go through a process about half way through the visual design stage where i remove anything that is either not needed or does not add to the look of the site.

    Your biggest problem is a lack of whitespace. Try having areas of the page that are not used to try and create divides between the sections.

    I did notice the left have columns don't always wrap around their content. I would try and keep the fonts consistent too. Looks god though. I can't stress enough how important it is to code websites by hand so you have a full understanding of how HTML&CSS works.

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