I am looking for some help. I have tried searching but could not find anything.

I use iweb for a local sports teams website and one of the things that I want to do is give them the ability to upload team sheets and match reports directly to the website from their own computers.

So, what I have done is create a hyperlink to the a file in my public folder. I have done that via "link to file" and then chosen the file in my public folder. This works fine when I publish the site.

Now, here is where I am struggling. I have told the person who will be responsible to name all the match reports in the same format as the current file and then just goto my public folder through their web browser, delete the current document and upload the new one.

They have done this and I can see it is in exactly the same place and format and when I use finder to open up the word document, I can see that the file has been changed with the most recent one. However, when you click on the link on the website, this keeps downloading the old file for some reason and I cannot work this out. Anybody know what I am doing wrong?

I have tried linking to an external page using the homepage extensions but it will not link for some reason.

Any help???