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    iWeb>Photos way to get best quality
    I have a photo I'm using for a website I'm designing. One of them is pretty high quality: 768 X 1024 pixels, 412kb file size. It looks great in preview or in photoshop, but when i drop it into iWeb 1.1.1, the program starts by making it smaller, and when I drag to enlarge it, the quality seems to suffer. When i publish the webpage, it doesn't look as good as those other contexts.

    If I even email the photo to myself for example, it is very large, very high quality.

    Can you tell me please how to make a photo as high quality as possible in iWeb? Thanks very much for any help!
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    Perhaps try turning off the "Optimize Images at Import" in the iWeb preferences. I don't know that it will work.

    Another option might be to manually export the image and use that to replace the copy iWeb created.

    Using an HTML Snippet under the Insert menu may be helpful too.
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