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    Remote Access
    Hello Macs,
    I've had scores of externals in all sizes and all they do is confuse me to remmebr and know what is backed up, what is not and what is needed for which trip and so forth.

    I'm interested in setting up a 1 TB of external storage space to store EVERYTHING I have on one of my home office computers that I can access from any computer in the world.

    Is there a 3-6 step listing someone can take the time to type out for me to research ( $ ) and make a wise decision?

    I know I'll suffer slow file transfers but mostly what I need to access daily on the road or from my job office are things like fonts, clipart pieces ( from a huge library ) and occasionally old art files to snipe some elements from.

    a windows friend was telling me about "MyCP" but when I looked into that it says the base computer must be a windows platform. I have and need both but which one should I use to make my base?


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    Have you tried Turbomeeting ( )?? .I personally feel that its better than most of the common web conferencing tools out there.Having experienced it at one of our clients office,i can very well assure that its the best web conf/remote access tool that i have seen.

    The big advantage that Turbomeeting has over others is that it requires no downloads of any kind at the client side.You can simply use it from your browser !!!! Just enter the predefined url in your browser and zap! you are in the meeting......what more would anyone want.Remote access and file sharing features are also very well supported across all OS platforms even i phones and mobile handheld devices.isn't that what was your requirement.

    Give it a shot i am sure you will love it.You can check out their products page here - Web Conferencing products

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    Sounds to me like you should look into Timbuktu Pro.

    Apple's .Mac service has something called Back to My Mac, but it seems to not be so reliable and I believe it requires OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

    If you are technically minded, you can do this securely via ssh. You could use VNC to control the remote computer and mount the remote drive too with the right setup. This is the complicated way.
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