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    I design the website for my youth group using iWeb. i add all of our text using HTML. the problem is it looks great in Safari and Firefox but unfortunately most of the kids viewing our site will be using internet explorer and it doesn't view right on there. the text is meant to be centered and isn't at all... we've also had some other issues in the past with internet explorer not viewing right.

    the site is

    if you have internet explorer and wanna check it out...

    any advice?

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    you may have to create an alternative sub-site using a table layout, then use javascript to direct I away from the iWeb site to a more basic IE version

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    You will never make a website that is cross-browser compatible with iweb. If you want a website that will work across many types of browsers i would suggest learning XHTML/CSS so that you can code from scratch with a text editor.

    Let me know if you want any pointers.

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