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    Adding music clips to iWeb
    How do i do it? I am new to iWeb and, honestly, macs in general.

    thanks in advance

    if you wouldnt mind, please send your respone to while your at it =P
    Skate or die

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    click on media.. in the top right corner.

    find the song you want in itunes. and just simply drag it to your page.

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    there is lag when you use this. Is there a way o put Flash into the site?

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    ok yall here is some basic codes
    first off if you drag and drop media(mp3) it has that goofy picture that is attatched to your mp3 file
    so its best to embed it instead or make a link
    so you need to post the file on a server, once you did that no matter what type of file it is you are now ready to embed. there is a few ways to embed to im going to show you the one that will work for flash swf files or what ever else it may be.

    <embed src="address of file goes here" />
    thats it
    if its a video and you want to adjust the video size it would look like this

    <embed width="size here" height="size here' src="address of file goes here" />

    if you want to add a link instead of embedding it looks like this
    <a href="address of file goes here">Add text here for the links name>

    and basically in iweb you just click on html snippet and add the code there.\
    hope that helps =)

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