But I do have a question...

As you'll see on my website, I have a link to visit my blog which is located at www.XXXX.wordpress.com. But I created my website through my iWeb program, and iWeb automatically takes people to www.XXXX.com/blog.html. And in order to take people to my Wordpress blog, I've had to create a blank page on my website with a hyperlink for people to click on to take them to my website.

I haven't seen a way in iWeb to change the link to take people directly to my Wordpress blog.

I posted a question about this on a forum, and I got the following response, but I have no idea how to do this:

By your description, I'm assuming the the link to your blog on www.XXXXX.com is not editable?

If this is true, then one way of achieving what you want would be to put a meta tag on that blog page, which would re-direct them automatically.

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;url=www.XXXX.wordpress.com">

Stick that somewhere to make it automatically re-direct to "www.XXXX.wordpress.com".

Can anyone help me?