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    What Happens After the 60 Days?
    Hey guys, I'd like to try out the .mac services provided by Apple through free trial. My question is this, what happens after the sixty days? Let's say that within the span of this sixty days, I create a website, uploaded pictures through iPhoto onto my online gallery, and I used the e-mail frequently. What happens after the sixty days, are the pictures and the website going to be deleted?

    If not, can I sign up for the free trial thing again?

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    Q: If my .Mac account expires, what happens to my data?

    If you have a full or trial .Mac account or a Family Pack sub-account, all webpages, files on your iDisk, messages left on the .Mac Mail server, online Address Book contact information, and .Mac Bookmarks will be removed. Emails sent to your .Mac address will bounce back to the sender. If you own any .Mac Groups, group pages will no longer be accessible or visible to group members, and messages sent to the group email address will bounce back to the sender.

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