Ok, first off, I'm new to the site, and new to the Mac world (for the most part). I've been using MS Windows for many years now, as well as a little in Linux/Unix/AIX, and some on Mac OS 9. Well, I recently bought a new MacBook Pro (yay!) because 1) I needed a new comptuer, and 2) I don't know anything about OS X, and I want to learn it. And now I have decided that for a personal computing it doesn't get any better than this. Love it!

Any who... my problem is this... I want to develop using PHP on my new Mac, and I'd like to be able to test what I write prior to uploading it. Any way, I didn't realize that PHP was already on the machine (just uncomment in httpd.conf) so I downloaded the latest source and did the whole ./configure, make, etc etc. Now, when I browse to http://localhost/ I get nothing. If I go to Sharing under System Prefrences, "Web Sharing" is checked and it says that Web Sharing is On and shows the IP address and what not for the computer's website and your personal website, however, when I go to the command line and run ps -ax as root I do not see httpd running.

I've also copied the httpd.conf from /private/etc/apache2/original back to /private/etc/apache2. This did not help, I still cannot browse to localhost.

Any one have any ideas?