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    Can't access my site
    Hi there,

    I've designed a basic website with Rapidweaver and have published it to my site via ftp. I have checked that the files are uploaded to the site by looking at Cyberduck.

    However, when I go to my url it says that the page is not found and then if I click again it says that I am not allowed access to this page.

    Anyone have any idea why this may be happening?



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    what path are you using? are you publishing to public_html?
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    Is your homepage's file name "index.html"?

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    do all the users have permission to read?
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your responses. I a total newbie when it comes to this as you will see from my answers.

    what path are you using? - I don't know

    are you publishing to public_html? I don't know

    Is your homepage's file name "index.html"? I believe so. Doesn't Rapidweaver call it index by default? I do have an index.html uploaded.

    do all the users have permission to read? Where do I find out?

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    Dec 15, 2006
    Ok -- PLEASE help.

    I'm not sure what's going on. I have registered my domain name through my ISP Madasafish. They are a Mac friendly ISP however I have discovered that I can access my FTP site and my URL on Windows but not on OSX.

    Has anyone any ideas why this might be or how I can access my site on my Mac?

    Very annoyed.

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