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Thread: Safari mouseOver mouseOut?

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    If you are interested, I think here are some examples that may help.

    The idea is straight-forward, so start with something basic, and then slowly add to it until it looks the way you want. Just making it hide/show on command would be the first part.

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    At this point I have given up on using mouseOver's over imagemaps to trigger opening the image windows and changed all my code to use the onClick event trigger that I'd already implemented for the 4x5 image links embedded in the text as normal anchor links. Thus the popup blocking will not be an issue. Maybe this is a better implementation in any case because it removes the annoyance of accidentally triggering the opening of windows when moving the mouse about on one's desktop.

    I did do a rather thorough investigation of implementing the mouseover function by using a statement that switches between two div id classes. However opening up absolutely positioned images and placing them in the correct location within a long page controlled by scrollbars as mine are, has a number of implementation issues that specific browsers are not consistent with. I almost got this to work except one of the IE layer visibility issues proved intractable.

    Thankyou again Mac folks. Although due to practical issues in hardware test engineering in Silicon Valley, I have needed to work mainly with Wintel type pc's, I have always admired Apple products and hoped they would eventually successfully thrive in some niche which today has come to be. By the way this guy is now looking for a 9-5 m-f job in engineering debug and test down here in the South Bay.

    Best of luck,
    David Senesac

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