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    So I have completed designing a website, but I need some advice/help on how to complete one last task for my website. I want to be able for a user to upload 3 photos/images, add a caption below the photo describing the image, and then have the photo load itself on the webpage without my help. Sort of like you see on MySpace when users add photos.

    I'm just not sure where to get started on how to complete this. Any programmers out there that can give your advice/help?

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    You could always just try a prebuilt package like Coppermine which allows users to have their own albums and upload images. It does the caption part as well as other features.

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    To do this, you will not be able to use HTML. You would need a database driven website so the user can upload data to the server where the website would get its information form. The most common language to use for this would be PHP.

    You could write the code yourself or you can download premade PHP scripts that you just install on your web server. A good example is coppermine.

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