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    Authoring software choice
    Iv'e been given the task of maintaining the website for the company I work for.

    It was originally created with Adobe GoLive. My employer will re-coup my costs for Adobe Creative Suite (which includes GoLive) if I choose to buy it.

    Being both a newbee to web design, I wondered what other choices others might recommend? ie. Dreamweaver?


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    If you have to use something I'd say go with Dreamweaver MX 2004. Much better than GoLive for sure!

    I personally use SubEthaEdit
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    Dreamweaver creates nicer code and probably has a larger online support community. But I learned on GoLive years ago and it certainly used to be more user friendly, if you didn't want to get your hands dirty with HTML. Not that you need HTML with Dreamweaver these days, but it helps. Horses for coursses.

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    Dreamweaver is by far my favorite authoring tool for the mac due to the fact that it has seemless integration with all of the other dynamic tools from Macromedia such as Flash. However, be wary of what type of hardware you are running it on, sometimes it can be hairpullingly slow. If you find this to be a problem the I suggest BBEdit for simple HTML editing if you only need to make small changes to your code. But overall, if you are desiging a website for a company or just maintaining it, Dreamweaver is great. Any peice of software that cleans up any empty HTML tags to make the code easier to read gets an A+ in my book. :dive:
    NOTE: this software is able to be used by novices all the way to the most advanced web designers. Just depends how complicated you want to get .

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