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    .Mac with multiple iWeb sites
    So I purchased a .Mac account because I wanted to create a webpage and blog etc. I have been using iWeb to create it, and it works great for one site. I have discovered that you can create multiple sites in iWeb, but I am having difficulty figuring out how to host multiple live sites at the same time through .Mac.

    Does anyone know if this is possible. The main website I created I also have a domain name that I purchased so when you type in my domain name it takes you to my website that I created on iWeb, however I cannot find an address for the second website that I have created even though it seems to publish fine. When I go to visit it, it just takes me to my original website that I created.

    So to make it short, can you host multiple websites through one .Mac account and if so can you also have them with their own domain names for each one?

    I hope that makes scense.

    Thanks in advance....... Cheers!

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    Did you ever get an answer to this question? I've got the same problem.

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    It is not possible to host more than one top level site via MobileMe. By "top level" I mean you can't have [/URL] and [/URL][/URL] on the same account. (please excuse the "url" tags. The board system wants to turn the example domains into links, so I put the tag in front to cancel it out)

    In order to host more than one site on an account you may be able to put sites into sub folders, so then your web addresses would be [/URL][/URL] and[/URL][/URL], but that is really not two separate sites.

    However, you can host more than one site with most hosting companies, and with iWeb '09 you can upload (publish) using standard FTP. I believe the only things that do not work with publishing to another host (other than MobileMe) are blog comments and picture slide shows.

    We have a basic webhosting package called the "Small" which allows you to host 2 top level sites, has actual email addresses. This is similar to other options at other companies (except we are Mac centric). MobileMe is expensive if you are looking for web hosting and email, and most of the cloud computing options MobileMe offers can be done free through Google.
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