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    iWeb question
    Sorry if this has been covered before but I couldn't find it.

    Can anyone explain to me how I use iWeb to design pages that I can then use for a website other than my .mac account. I already use iWeb for my mac webspace and click publish to upload. But I also want to use it for a separate web domain.

    I'm a total newbie in the world of web design (hence avoiding HTML).

    Any ideas?



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    All you have to do is publish your site to a folder on your hard drive, then use any FTP software (like Fetch) to upload your iWeb-made pages from said folder onto a non .Mac domain. Be advised that some of the automated features within iWeb may not function in a non .Mac environment. Hope this helps.


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    File-->Publish to a Folder...

    That will save all of your iWeb work to a folder of your choosing. Then you use an FTP program to upload that to your web space. Cyberduck is donation ware.

    The problem with this method is that the whole iWeb content is saved to the folder. So only if you know what you changed can you upload just part of the content. Otherwise the confusion of not knowing will force you to upload the entire content. This is one of the advantages of using the .Mac service; it uploads only the changes.

    I've used iWeb a little and just keep track of which project or project pages I edit, perform a save to folder, and then upload only my changes from a project of page perspective.

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    Thanks so much guys. Both great advice and written within a minute of each other. Are you psychic?

    I have Fetch and Cyberduck so will see which one I'm more comfortable with.

    I also have CSS Edit - so perhaps I can use that once I've uploaded some content to tweak things.

    Thanks again,


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