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    clever web related geek people in here
    basically i want to create a sort of 'dropzone' web environment

    for example: if someone wants to send me a file which is too big to send via email, then they can go to, login using a username and password, and have an interface where they can choose the file on the computer, then upload the file to webspace

    does anyone know of any such (ideally free) software to do this?

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    You could just have them use File Dropper.
    Then, all they will have to do is email you the link to their file.
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    Aug 15, 2006
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    thats similar to what I want mate, but I want to be able to implement that sort of software onto my own webspace, to then they can login and upload whatever they want with specified usernames and passwords

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    You could use something like PHP Nuke ( It's free, and it provides the functionality you're looking for; see the downloads functionality. Only drawback is that it comes with a whole lot of other stuff you probably don't need, unless you're trying to build an online community.
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