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Thread: online file hosting (with ftp)

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    Feb 04, 2008
    online file hosting (with ftp)
    I currently have my own website hosting, but i only have 500mb of space which is fine for web pages, not so much for files.

    What I want to do is get a central file storage location, which I can access both from a browser when in university, and from an FTP client when i'm on my macbook so I can store and access the files i put on there from anywhere.

    Can anyone suggest a good free service that does this?

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    I don't know of any free file spaces where you can accomplish what you're talking about, unless your University provides you with one. (Mine did). But 500mb on a hosting company is definitely on the low side nowadays!

    Our favorite hosting company is, and their basic Linux-based hosting plan comes with 20GB of disk space for about $10/month.

    Another option - If you have a desktop machine at home with a cable or DSL connection, you can setup a simple server at home, and FTP (or http) to your home IP address from anywhere you like.
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    I have been looking at DropBox Its still in private beta but it looks like the sort of thing im after.

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